Associate Director

BA (Hons), MA, PhD, CMRS

Dr John Gibson photograph

John leads most of our strategic research and consultancy for higher education providers and sector bodies, in the UK and internationally. He works with market insight teams and with senior executives, to put in place the insights and the market research infrastructure to address a full range of marketing, portfolio and broader strategic requirements.

John’s outstanding level of sector expertise and his knowledge of data sources and publications – in the UK and internationally – enables Marketwise Strategies to deliver exceptional insights and to bring to each HE project an in-depth understanding of the issues currently impacting universities.

John has designed and delivered HE market research projects for the past eight years. His experience includes research to inform:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate portfolio development
  • Executive education
  • Brand positioning
  • Employer engagement
  • Third stream revenue generation (including short courses, CPD and knowledge transfer)
  • Student recruitment
  • Alumni relations
  • Internal communications.

Major projects have included:

  • Providing advice, support and training to enable a university market insight team to acheive maximum value from internal and external data.
  • Detailed, desk-based review of international student markets and migration – current and projected – to inform market targeting by a post-1992 university
  • Assessing the market opportunity for a new international branch campus.
  • Analysing key trends in online learning globally and assessing the market position of a client’s online learning portfolio.
  • Research among Vice Chancellors and HE sector leaders globally, to inform a major governance review within a research-intensive university.

Before joining Marketwise Strategies, John was a postdoctoral researcher at Newcastle University and at the London School of Economics.

John’s work also benefits from his B2B research experience, gained in our wider  projects, including UK and global research for clients such as technology firms, major manufacturing companies and public sector agencies.