Researching energy and environment markets

These projects illustrate our research in energy and environment markets, at the proof of concept and market entry stages, as well as branding research for large and small businesses and a variety of projects in the public and not for profit sectors.

Projects range from short snapshots of an established or embryonic market to multi-stage studies – incorporating detailed desk research, discussions with industry experts, and a range of primary research methods (qualitative and quantitative, both traditional and online). Some projects have also involved marketing strategy development and promotional planning.

Energy products and services

  • Energy-efficient lighting product – market entry research and strategy support to commercialise an innovative new product. Multi-part project involving extensive desk research, in-depth interviews and a quantitative survey.
  • Solar (PV) energy markets in the UK – assessment for a potential market entrant. Depth interviews, supported by desk research.
  • UK energy supply market – proof of concept research for a new market entrant, delivering energy from renewable and low-carbon sources.
  • Energy monitoring system – research into market potential, delivered in conjunction with an energy consultancy firm.

Waste and recycling

  • Recycled construction material – market entry research. Involved interviews with experts in environmentally-sustainable construction methods and discussion groups with key stakeholders in construction and built environment professions.
  • Market assessment for a business that purchases and sells-on recyclable materials. Included competitor analysis and customer interviews.
  • Research into markets for green compost commissioned by a UK university on behalf of a client company.
  • Assessment of B2B and consumer markets for bio-remediation based products to treat wastewater and odours (multiple projects). Included support in marketing strategy development and customer pin-pointing.

Branding research

  • Brand review involving wide-ranging stakeholder consultation, for ADAS. Two-stage, UK-wide research project to review the brand and test new brand concepts, as part of a major brand repositioning exercise. Involved face to face interviews with customers, potential customers and collaborators across England and Scotland. Results were presented to the Chief Executive and Board members and informed internal communications strategy as well as brand development. (ADAS was previously the consulting arm of the  Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.)
  • Customer needs analysis, to support brand development for a new market entrant in waste treatment. Marketwise Strategies consulted potential customers across 8 market segments, and prepared a market positioning strategy to underpin development of the brand.

In each of the above projects, we worked closely with the client’s branding agency, and prepared specific recommendations for the client and for the agency.

Public sector and not-for-profit projects

  • Series of four research projects reviewing major growth areas within a regional economy and all involving research into energy, including developments in photovoltaics and micro-generation.
  • Quantitative door-to-door survey of 750 respondents, to investigate public perceptions of a contentious local issue. The findings were incorporated into a communications strategy to inform local residents about this issue. Project commissioned by a government agency.
  • Three-part research project, incorporating qualitative and quantitative surveys of stakeholders, followed by development of a strategy to convert a UK-wide training programme to a blended learning format. Marketwise Strategies subsequently project-managed the appointment of delivery partners on behalf of this NGO client.
  • Quantitative survey of 1,000 respondents, to establish a benchmark of awareness and understanding prior to a regional communications campaign. Project commissioned by a large NGO.