NPD Research, from Idea to Launch

Comprehensive Market Research Support

Marketwise Strategies provides comprehensive market research support for new product development; from idea generation to market launch and beyond, helping our clients to move from an initial idea to a strong UK or international market position.

Marketwise Strategies will bring to your project focused expertise in NPD research and an excellent track record in science/technology, B2B, education and knowledge-based markets.

Managing Risk and Maximising Opportunity

New product development and innovation often mean high risks – and every product launch involves some uncertainty. Our role is to help reduce those risks and smooth the transition from product or service concept to market success.

For over 15 years, Marketwise Strategies has supported new product and service development for world-leading companies, major not-for-profits, growth-oriented new starts and for universities seeking to launch new programmes, develop new initiatives and commercialise their innovations.

How and When We Help

Our research gives clarity and direction at key points in the product development process, from concept development and testing, to prototype development, business planning and ultimately to planning for market launch.

Clients often contact us at the proof of concept/proof of market stage, when they have a product or service concept but need to be sure of its market fit. At that early stage, our NPD research:

  • Informs go/no go decisions
  • Ensures that product (or service) design is based upon a sound understanding of customer and user wants
  • Helps to build a business case for internal or external investment.

Marketwise Strategies can also support you in the lead up to market entry, by refining market understanding and working with you to commercialise your technology and develop UK and international marketing strategies and plans.

We are happy to help at any stage of new product development, but experience shows that early involvement pays dividends for our clients; by ensuring that each successive stage in the NPD process is built upon firm foundations. We are also used to working with Agile processes and to integrating our NPD research with clients’ wider product development and innovation processes.

The Results We Achieve

NPD research from Marketwise Strategies means a robust evidence base, that enables:

  • Clearer go/no go decision making
  • Better targeting of spend, throughout the NPD process
  • Effective market segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • More precise business planning and forecasting
  • Greater confidence  – and a stronger case – when you approach investors
  • Faster market penetration, as your marketing is targeted where it will have most effect.

Beyond our extensive track record in higher education , our NPD research experience includes a wide range of projects in health and life sciences, software, digital and IT, energy and environment, built environment and in wider B2B markets such as engineering and professional services.


Each Project is Unique – and Every Methodology is Bespoke

Every new product or service has different needs for market information and customer or user insights. So we don’t expect you to accept off-the-shelf NPD research solutions.  Instead, our senior research staff will work closely with you and your team, to integrate high quality market research and strategy support into your innovation, product design and NPD processes.

Our experience and sector-specific know-how, will help you to:

  • Identify the right product and service features early in the  new product development process
  • Ensure that ‘blind alleys’ are avoided
  • Build a firm foundation of market insights, to take forward your innovation.

If your preferred route to market is to licence your intellectual property, we can provide independent evidence of market demand and price potential, to strengthen your approaches to potential licensees.

To discuss your product or service development project, or for more information about our New Product Development Solutions, contact Jacquie Potts or Dr John Gibson on 0191 2614426, or complete our email contact form.