From Understanding Comes Value

Driving Customer Value

Measuring customer satisfaction has long been recognised as important, but to manage your organisation’s reputation, and to deliver true value in the customer’s terms, satisfaction surveys are no longer enough.

Customer perceptions research from Marketwise Strategies helps you get closer to your customers and produces a much deeper understanding of their needs and expectations.

The most successful organisations focus on delivering value, in a way that keeps customers and turns them into advocates for the brand. They succeed because they identify what value means to different types of customer – and often to individual customers – then shape their products and services to deliver that.

But to understand what value means, it is necessary first to understand your customers, by engaging with them in ways that go beyond the superficial.

How we Help

Marketwise Strategies helps organizations, across the UK, to see themselves from their customers’ or clients’ perspective. We work with organizations in B2B and B2C markets, and in the public and third sectors. Our clients include major brands in social housing, higher education, passenger transport and logistics.

In B2B markets, we also provide mystery shopping, to give more detailed insights into the reality of an organisation’s customer interactions. These moments of truth can add an extra and powerful dimension to the picture that is built up, and can be highly effective in making a case for change.

But good quality data, from different customer perspectives, is only the start. To impact upon marketing decisions, and often upon parts of the organisation that lie far beyond the marketing function, the data needs to be made accessible to decision-makers throughout the business and to everyone who influences the service that customers receive.

That’s why our reports are designed to be easily broken down by functional area, and to be understood by a wide range of internal audiences. And it’s why we emphasise the quality of implementation just as much as the quality of research. Through management workshops, board presentations, and employee briefings, we will provide whatever support you need, to help embed understanding and, where appropriate, to build a case for change.

Other Stakeholders

For many public sector, environmental and other potentially sensitive projects, stakeholder consultation is essential. Whether you need to consult with the business community, local residents, shareholders, suppliers or others, Marketwise Strategies will help you to identify the relevant stakeholders and carry out consultations sensitively and efficiently.

As part of our service to clients, we also work closely with leading PR and marketing companies, to deliver innovative, high quality, stakeholder communications.

For more information about our stakeholder research solutions or to discuss your own research project contact Jacquie Potts or Dr John Gibson on 0191 2614426 or complete the email response form on our Contact page.