Building upon the Value Proposition

Strategy Focused on Customers

Marketwise Strategies helps businesses, large and small, to maximise their market opportunities and develop successful marketing strategies and plans. We work with new and established companies, universities, colleges, and some of the UK’s best known public sector and not-for-profit organisations; developing soundly-based strategies to help them reach new customers and grow in new markets.

Clients tell us that Marketwise Strategies has helped them to:

  • Target the right customer groups
  • Pinpoint the most relevant customer organisations
  • Understand what is required to stand out from the competition
  • Get closer to their customers
  • Avoid wasteful marketing spend, by identifying and focusing on the right messages and value propositions.

Strategy Support Focused on You

Our process is highly collaborative – we can provide as much or as little support as you require.

Some of the ways in which we can work with you are:

  • Needs review via one-to-one meetings, management workshops and a review of your marketing materials and market information
  • Background research into the market context
  • In-depth research, to deliver customer and wider insights
  • Strategy workshops for your management team
  • Preparing and refining strategy documents and plans
  • Marketing mentoring – working with individuals or teams to support planning and implementation.

Making a Difference

We guarantee that we will make a difference to the depth of market understanding that you have in place and to the confidence with which you are able to move forward. Some of the specific areas in which we have helped clients include:

  • Launching disruptive new products in existing markets
  • Repositioning existing products in mature markets
  • Launching new, imported product ranges
  • Targeting and developing a strong position in a niche market
  • Shifting perceptions of a brand
  • Selecting distribution channels and channel members
  • Developing pricing policies and selecting price points
  • Assessing promotional opportunities and developing promotional plans
  • Improving customer service and shaping customer expectations.

To discuss how we might be able to work with you, call Jacquie Potts MCIM on 0191 2614426, or complete the email response form on our Contact page.