Brand Review – The Value We Deliver

Jacquie Potts pictureWhen Marketwise Strategies embarked upon a brand review, we wanted our clients to be central to the process. That’s why our Managing Director, Jacquie Potts, approached some of our key customers and asked them to let us know: Why they chose to work with us; How they felt about the experience; and – importantly – What ‘value’ means to them.

To maintain confidentiality, an associate carried out the research on our behalf, interviewing 16 clients – from universities, major not-for-profits and the private sector.

This is what we found:

Clients especially valued our
• Acting as a ‘critical friend’ – giving time to understand their organisation and the wider context of the issue
• Providing weekly updates throughout each project – and “keeping the communication going”, especially within complex projects.
• Going beyond simply delivering research findings, by providing clear recommendations for strategy.

They said that we are different from other research firms in
• The “personal ownership” and “demonstrable care” that we give to projects
• The academic backgrounds of our staff, creating a ‘different feel’ and bringing specialist expertise (e.g. in bioscience)
• Our diligence and persistence, to successfully deliver even the most complex work
• Our ability “to cater for very specific things, like the emotional sensitivity of the work”.

They particularly remembered
• The professionalism and experience of our staff
• Our rigorous and thorough approach
• Regular, transparent, open communications.

Summing us up in a sentence, here are some of the things that clients said:
• Accuracy, responsiveness, commitment to deliver what they say they are going to do – very professional.
• Dedicated, committed… principled.
• A friendly, flexible company who engage the client at every level.
• Good at getting to the nub of an issue.
• Intelligent and robust approach.
• Very rigorous and robust.
• They are thorough, professional, they are a pleasure to deal with – and you feel confident that they are going to manage what comes along.
• I just think they handle projects really well.
• I know that I can be confident – whether I am working with them on a project or recommending someone else within the organisation to work with them on a project – that they will deliver.

Changes we are making
• Some clients said that they would like to hear from us more often in between projects. To help us keep in touch with every client, Dr Paul Koshy is taking on responsibility for ongoing client communications.
• Some of our services were not sufficiently ‘visible’ – for example some clients did not know about our work in international markets or about the range of branding research that we conduct. To help remedy that, we are building a new website to better profile our full range of expertise.

We are grateful to each of the clients who took part in the research, which is helping us to better tailor our services and our client communications. Over the next year, we will be putting into practice several more changes that the research has prompted.