Branding research leads to ‘problem-solving’ positioning and major client wins


  • Market positioning and branding research for Corgin, a bioremediation specialist entering the UK market
  • Depth interviews with environmental managers and others, across multiple market segments
  • Close liaison with design agency, to inform corporate identity
  • Results used to position as ‘professional’ and ‘problem solving’
  • Contacts made during the research led to product trials and contracts with major UK utilities
  • Corgin achieved a smooth entry to the market, with steadily growing sales, and returned to Marketwise Strategies for research into additional markets.

UK Markets for Bioremediation (wastewater and odours)

Corgin was established to provide industrial and public sector clients with biological treatment for wastewater and for airborne odours. In the months leading up to market entry, it required a detailed study of the UK industrial markets for wastewater and odour treatment, which would:

  • Inform its market positioning
  • Provide insights into competitor strategies
  • Highlight market niches suitable for targeting
  • Guide the design of its corporate identity.

Corgin’s management team also required support in reviewing and refining its strategy for UK market entry.


Marketwise Strategies designed and conducted market entry and branding research (depth interviews and a desk-based study). Interviews were with environmental managers, safety managers and other senior decision-makers.

A follow-on study focused upon the market for treatment of airborne odours, and particularly upon competition in that market.

Marketwise Strategies liaised closely with Corgin’s management team and with its appointed design agency, to feed back findings and provide an input to corporate identity development. We were also actively involved in shaping and reviewing the marketing materials that Corgin commissioned.

Outcomes: Distinctive competitive position underpins market success

Using the findings from our branding research, Corgin developed its business strategy and corporate identity around professionalism and solving problems through working closely with clients. This route fitted well with the needs expressed by customers and with the service ethos that Corgin’s owners espoused. In this way Corgin differentiated itself from competitors, whose focus had been on product features and a commodity approach to selling.

Contacts made during the research also led to product trials and to some significant contract wins and long term client relationships – including with major utilities.

Corgin is now a well established and successful business, whose clients include major food manufacturers and utility companies across the UK. From its headquarters in Staffordshire it delivers a growing range of products and services.

In the years following its UK launch, Corgin returned to Marketwise Strategies for research into additional markets, and for further research and customer-targeting within its core markets.

An outstanding piece of market research, especially so in the powerful conclusions drawn from it. This research is rapidly forming the bedrock on which the whole strategic direction and approach of the business is being based. Having this qualitative knowledge of the market, we can move forward with confidence.

— Duncan Beattie, Partner – Corgin