Developing Engagement Through Insight

Attitudes, Values and Engagement

Employee research is  increasingly important, in informing internal communications programmes, supporting change-management initiatives, enhancing employee engagement and underpinning strategic approaches to HRM. It is also a vital step in developing and monitoring brands and improving customer service.

Key questions that it can answer include:

  • Do employees understand and believe in your organisation’s goals?
  • How well do they understand the relationship between their own job role and corporate strategy?
  • To what extent do they feel part of the organisation and where do their allegiances lie (to their work group, their department, their site, or the organisation as a whole)?
  • How do they regard the brand – and how closely do corporate values align with their own values?
  • What are the ‘blockages’ that weaken employee engagement?

Understanding issues such as these can mean being better prepared for the challenges that might surround change, especially if a major shift in culture or behaviour is required.

How We Help

Marketwise Strategies often works with organisations that:

  • Are facing changes in their markets, developing new corporate structures (for example pre- or post merger), or are moving from the public to the private sector
  • Need to maximise employee buy-in to a change programme, whether in specific areas or organisation-wide
  • Want to take a more strategic approach to internal communications, build identification with the brand, or strengthen employee engagement.

We also carry out employee research as part of wider stakeholder consultations, strategic marketing reviews and in support of business planning.

We make a difference by drawing out the values, attitudes and cultural factors that shape behaviour – towards internal and external customers – and that can restrict engagement and customer focus.


Each client is different, and our research methods refect those differences. The methods and tools that are right for one organisation or one group of employees may not suit another. We draw upon a variety of qualitative and quantitative research tools, traditional and online and, where appropriate, we supplement these with psychology-based assessments to identify the values that employees have and that they want the organisation to uphold.

Marketwise Strategies goes beyond ‘the staff survey’ and employee satisfaction measures, to develop much deeper insights. The result is a more rounded understanding of the organisation and the issues that can help move it forward – or constrain its growth.

Alongside our research team, we also work with specialist associates in Organisation Development and Change Management, to provide a seamless service that can include research, assessment of the marketing and wider implications and, where requested, support in implementation.

Getting the Best from Employee Research

Convincing employees that a consultation exercise, aimed at improving organisation culture or communications, will actually lead to a better organisation, can be challenging. Right from the start, they need to feel that their views will be taken seriously and that they will be acted upon. It is important therefore that the purpose of the research is made clear and that the way forward is transparent. There also needs to be complete trust in the confidentiality of the process.

Within our senior team we have client-side experience in HRM and change management – so you can be sure that every employee research project is handled with a sensitivity towards organisation cultures (at all levels), and the issues that are driving change.

For an informal discussion, call Jacquie Potts or Rose Bunker on 0191 2614426, or complete the email response form on our Contact page.