Our Strategic Change projects

Beyond our work for marketing and comms functions in HE, we are often commissioned to deliver broader research projects, informing corporate level developments and strategic change.

Ranging from pre-investment research to de-risk new campus developments, to contributing to governance reviews, those projects involve wide-ranging, often global investigations and inform key strategic decisions.

The details that we can provide about those projects (below) are necessarily brief, so please contact us if you would like to learn more about our strategic change research capabilities.

New campus developments

  • Research to inform a new, international campus development. Major, multi-part study that played a key role in ‘go:no go’ decision making for a campus in a part of the world where the university did not have a presence.  Included research among students and applicants, interviews with influencers in government and professions, and a substantial desk-based study.
  • Quantitative survey of potential applicants, to inform the development of a new, London campus, by a non-London, UK university. Involved achieving representation of very specific sub-groups.
  • Major, desk-based research project, to inform the expansion of a university’s presence in London. Included analysis of HESA datasets and of competing HEIs and offers.

Internal communications

  • Review of internal communications at a leading, research-intensive university; to identify communications barriers and to understand how key communications channels and tools were perceived. Included qualitative research with staff across the university, including depth interviews with VCE and senior staff.

University governance

  •  Wide-ranging review of best practice, to help inform a university’s own governance review. UK and international, including research among comparator organisations.