Higher Education Market Research Specialists

Our Higher Education track record

Marketwise Strategies is one of the UK’s leading providers of Higher Education market research. Our HE client base stretches across the length and breadth of the country and includes HEIs of all types, as well as organisations that support and work within the university sector.

We have worked continuously in higher education for the past decade and have an enviable track record in helping universities and other HE clients to tackle strategic challenges; at a time of evolving expectations among students, employers and other stakeholders. Our many higher education projects span brand and reputation, business engagement, portfolio development and review, and projects to inform new developments and institution-wide strategic change.

Specifically our research has helped HE clients to:

Assess market opportunities

  • De-risk new academic, executive and CPD programmes – informing their content, titles, positioning and marketing
  • Understand the factors that attract applicants and that influence conversion
  • Research trends and key developments in the international higher education marketplace
  • Assess demand, competition and wider factors, prior to major strategic investments, including UK and overseas campuses.

Develop brands and enhance market positioning

  • Develop new brands
  • Evaluate their reputations and understand the ways in which their brands are positioned, in the UK and internationally
  • Identify and assess competitors
  • Benchmark their programme offer.

Recruit and retain more students from their target groups

  • Develop and refine marketing strategies for student recruitment and widening participation
  • Research and manage the expectations of students, their parents, teachers and advisors
  • Monitor and measure the experience they provide to UK and international students.
  • Understand and re-shape the factors that impact upon the student experience, including student finance, on-site facilities, open days and applicant communications.

Engage effectively with employers and businesses

  • Develop and strengthen links with employers – for technology transfer/knowledge exchange and income generation (e.g. postgraduate programme recruitment and CPD)
  • Research and build links with industry-based R&D teams, nationally and globally.

Enhance internal strategies and operations

  • Review internal communications structures, channels and tools
  • Research governance structures in UK and overseas universities, and in other sectors
  • Explore and assess wider strategic issues, in support of business and marketing planning.

For more details, see our Higher Education Projects pages.

Working together

Our strength in higher education market research has been built upon the professional background of our founder and Managing Director, Jacquie Potts, who has substantial HE experience, in academic and management roles, and the backgrounds of our senior research staff.

Our personal experience in the sector gives us a rare sensitivity to the working cultures and marketing needs within HE. We develop strong and long-lasting relationships with higher education clients, and engage proactively and productively with HE staff to produce the best possible project outcomes.

This distinctive approach is combined with a commitment to rigorous research and excellent customer service, making Marketwise Strategies a natural choice for higher education market research.

To discuss research or strategy support in HE, please telephone Jacquie Potts or Dr John Gibson, on 0191 2614426, or complete our email contact form.