Strategic research from sector specialists

Marketwise Strategies provides detailed market insights for a wide variety of health and life sciences organisations. Working across industries from regenerative medicine to medical devices, and from health information to medical software, we help our clients to:

  • Reduce risks in new product development
  • Inform new product designs and prototyping
  • Assess market potential – in UK, European and global markets
  • Develop business models to fit evolving technologies and markets
  • Plan routes to market
  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Shape and build brands
  • Inform promotional messages and targeting
  • Achieve a strong market position and build competitive differentiation.

Our sector-specialist team brings postdoctoral research experience and an excellent track record in market research and consultancy for health and life sciences products and services.

Whether a project involves business models for regenerative medicine or market entry strategies for telehealth, each benefits from our combination of rigorous research and industry and technical understanding. This in-depth, consultative approach means that our work goes beyond traditional market research, to deliver truly strategic impacts and long term benefits for business and marketing planning.

Health and Life Sciences clients and projects

Marketwise Strategies’ clients range from universities and spin-outs to professional bodies and NHS Trusts. What they have in common is a need for robust market insights to inform strategic market and business decisions.

Our recent clients include:

  • High growth, new start companies developing novel therapies
  • University spin-outs developing regenerative medicine products and services
  • Businesses seeking venture capital for new, health sector ventures
  • A professional body (Royal College)
  • Established, health sector companies seeking new markets and customer groups, or to enhance the customer experience
  • Public sector organisations, working to attract and support health-related industries, and to shape and deliver health and lifestyle messages.

In the past decade, we have helped to develop and launch products and services across a very diverse range of markets and have built a wealth of experience in health and life sciences projects.

To discuss how we might be able to work with you, call Jacquie Potts on 0191 2614426, or complete the email response form on our Contact page.