Taking the ‘Organisational Temperature’

Understanding the Audience

In the life of an organisation, there are times when a 360 degree view of stakeholder relationships becomes essential. Developing or positioning a brand, preparing for change,  or planning for communications – all of these can be made more successful if you can predict how your audiences will react.

Marketwise Strategies’  Stakeholder Perceptions Research can draw together detailed insights from all of your key stakeholder groups including:

  • Customers and potential customers
  • Employees, applicants and volunteers
  • Board members
  • Suppliers
  • Partners and collaborators
  • Investors
  • Opinion-leaders and influencers, locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Clients

In the public sector, and for many environmental and other sensitive projects, stakeholder consultation can be crucial. Whilst for businesses, taking an organisation-wide rain check can reduce the risks of misplaced spend and provide a firm foundation for decisions. Organisations who come to us for customer and stakeholder research include:

  • Universities seeking a firm base upon which to plan their communications with staff, students, employers and others
  • Regeneration agencies tracking understanding of their core offer and perceptions of their economy, among clients and intermediaries
  • Tourism bodies tracking perceptions of their region or sub-region and seeking insights into their perceived market positioning
  • Registered social landlords ensuring that they stay true to their values in a changing environment
  • Other large organisations seeking to align their growth strategies with the right presentation and communication of their brand (clients include a major port and a large passenger-transport company).

Working Together

We will work with you to identify the most effective methods and the most relevant samples to help understand – and develop a dialogue with – each of your stakeholder groups.

From board members to production staff and from customers to senior management – using tools from focus groups and workshops to online bulletin boards, surveys and face to face research – we will engage with your key stakeholder audiences, sensitively and efficiently.

Getting the Best from Stakeholder Research

Whatever the methods, we believe that the best outcomes happen when participants

  • Find it easy to take part (right method, right audience, right time)
  • Feel confident about confidentiality
  • Know that this is more than a paper exercise (participants know that their responses are important and will be acted upon)
  • Find it enjoyable so that responses can be creative and open
  • Understand when and how they will hear about the results.

To discuss research among your own stakeholders, call Jacquie Potts or Dr John Gibson on 0191 2614426, or complete the email response form on our Contact page.