De-risking Market Entry – and developing paths to growth

Our services

Marketwise Strategies delivers market insights that help businesses to reach beyond their current markets, to understand and attract new customer groups and build new market segments. For the past 15 years, we have been helping clients to de-risk their market entry decisions and shape their entry strategies in the UK and internationally.

Our sector specialist teams can help you to:

  • Analyse market size and growth potential
  • Clarify purchasing patterns and criteria
  • Assess your competitors and their strategies
  • Explore distribution channels
  • Identify potential partners
  • Investigate promotional opportunities
  • Refine price points and pricing strategies
  • Understand how purchase decision-makers and influencers view your product or service, your business and your market position.

Marketwise Strategies informs business, investment and marketing planning, for projects from university course portfolios and campuses to new-start, technology companies. We work across education and B2B markets, including in health and life sciences, software, renewable energy, environment, built environment and engineering.

Robust and Actionable Insights

When you enter a new market, embark on a growth strategy, or re-position your product or service, there might be multiple stakeholders to satisfy and just one opportunity to get it right. Marketwise Strategies will provide robust, actionable insights to support your decisions and help you to move forward with confidence.

Working Together

We will scale our involHands holding plant - protecting growth photographvement to meet your precise needs, from ad hoc research to supporting all stages of the market entry and positioning process.

Whatever the project, we will invest time in understanding your business and your requirements, so that everything we do is tailored to fit.

To discuss your market entry plans or aspirations, please call Jacquie Potts or Rose Bunker on 0191 2614426, or complete the email response form on our Contact page.