Marketwise Strategies has an excellent track record in researching UK and global markets for healthcare and life sciences products and services.

Whilst the details of our health and life sciences projects are necessarily confidential, the following brief summaries highlight our range of experience. Some of these projects are specific to the UK, whilst others have had a European or global focus.

Biotechnology and regenerative medicine

  • Assessment and evaluation of alternative business models for a novel therapy, intended for international markets.
  • Market assessment and competitor analysis to inform business planning for a university spin-out developing a regenerative medicine technology. Project culminated in sales forecasting and strategic marketing planning.
  • Research into business models and challenges in UK biotechnology. Commissioned as part of a multi-industry study for a multinational, business-services provider.
  • Qualitative research to inform market entry for a genetic-testing product.

Medical devices

  • Assessment of the UK market for medical devices; from major purchases such as scanners, to hand-held devices. Included assessment of market opportunities, procurement channels and the potential impacts of government policies. Commissioned by a public sector client, to inform inward investment strategies.
  • Proof of concept research for the PFLEXX Knee Exerciser, an innovative sports injury rehabilitation product, developed by PFLEXXSPORTS. The product has gone on to achieve success in domestic and export markets.
  • Proof of concept research for Sleep Sling, a product intended to encourage sleep in infants and to reduce the symptoms of colic. Qualitative research among parents and health professionals, supported by a desk-based study.
  • Proof of concept research for a device aimed at people who have visual impairment.
  • Proof of concept research for an innovative oral care product.

Health / medical software

  • Market analysis for management information software intended for acute care settings.
  • Market opportunities and competition assessment for telehealth and telecare products to support dementia sufferers and their carers (multiple projects).
  • Market exploration for a software-based service intended to improve the interaction between patients and a specific healthcare profession.

Healthcare services

  • Comprehensive, market assessment for an innovative diagnostic screening service aimed at infants. Included in-depth research into NHS processes for product acceptance, plus GP interviews and focus groups with parents.
  • UK market exploration for a telerehabilitation product/service.
  • Health needs analysis to inform the expansion plans of a neuro-rehabilitation provider. Detailed desk-based study.
  • Research to inform a major anti-smoking initiative (commissioned by a Primary Care Trust in the South of England). Involved 8 focus groups (including with several specific minority ethnic groups), to explore experiences, behaviours and perceptions.

Health information and education

  • Perceptions research for postgraduate medical training. Qualitative research (focus groups and online) to understand how junior doctors perceived the Northern Deanery as a provider of foundation and specialty training.
  • Market research and marketing strategy development to inform content and communication for a major interactive, evidence-based e-learning resource intended to improve mental health outcomes for children and young people.

Other health and life sciences projects

  • Feasibility study for a proposed new training facility and services for healthcare professionals. Desk research and depth interviews (UK-wide) among potential service users, including in defence, emergency services and major corporations.
  • B2B mystery shopping for a multi-site firm in the pharmaceutical industry. Project assessed the standard of customer support delivered by different sites and functions.
  • Sector profile development as part of a multi-sector study to inform the marketing of North East England to inward investors. Commissioned by Regional Development Agency One North East.

Support in commercialisation

Among the examples listed above, new product development and market entry projects range from short, snapshots of an established or embryonic market to multi-stage, global studies, incorporating detailed desk research, discussions with market/industry experts, and primary research (qualitative and quantitative). Some of those projects have also involved wider technology commercialisation support.

If you would like to discuss your own research requirements, or simply find out more about our health and life sciences experience, please email us at [email protected] or telephone 0191 2614426 or 0203 574 4848.