New products and new markets

Marketwise Strategies has worked extensively with early stage and high growth businesses in software, digital and IT. As a result,the examples set out below are a small proportion of the IT market research projects that we have delivered.

Software for health

  • Telehealth product/service package aimed at multiple delivery platforms in the UK and globally – detailed market assessment
  • Several telehealth and telecare products – early stage market assessments

Software for education and research

  • Online, open source science software platform (Inkspot Science) – market exploration research
  • Software for a Virtual Learning Environment – proof of concept study
  • Web-based, language-learning software tool, aimed at higher-level, adult users – detailed market assessment.

Software for B2B markets

  • Highly innovative games analysis software product intended for use by computer games developers and publishers – proof of concept study
  • Energy management software – early stage market assessment
  • Software for petrol stations – proof of concept research, marketing plan and market entry support
  • Innovative web usability testing service – proof of concept research
  • Network hardware product aimed at high performance computer users – proof of concept research
  • Internet security software – proof of concept research.

Informing inward investment and business support

Marketwise Strategies has carried out numerous studies to support inward investment and to inform focused support for digital businesses and industries. Projects include:

  • Analysis of the computer games industry, focusing upon inward investment requirements
  • Research to inform mechanisms for technology transfer
  • Analysis of the digital/ICT sector within a sub-region
  • Analysis of support for digital and creative industries in the UK comparison of leading regions.

These projects have combined detailed desk-based studies with primary research into market opportunities, purchaser requirements, industry trends, and physical and support infrastructure. Outputs ranged from comprehensive market profiles to content for online and printed promotional materials.